Residential and Commercial  Air Conditioning Systems Maintenance and Repair     

Residential Air Conditioner & Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

We provide Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning service,maintenance and repair for Houston Texas surrounding areas, Harris County, Montgomery County, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Sugar Land, and basically for bigger jobs anywhere in TX!

If you are a residential or a commercial property we recommend you service or repair your AC equipment before the start of each hot season. This could reduce your energy bill as much as 10 percent and could save you the discomfort and expense of equipment breakdown during the summer.

An air conditioner system is basically a refrigerator without the insulated box. It uses the evaporation of a refrigerant, like Freon, to provide cooling. The mechanics of the Freon evaporation cycle are the same in a refrigerator as in an air conditioner.  Freon is used for any of various nonflammable fluorocarbons used as refrigerants or propellants for aerosols.

Diagram of a general commercial or residential air conditioner system.

1. Air Conditioner Evaporation Valve

2. AC Compressor

How the evaporation cycle in an air conditioner works ?:

  1. The compressor compresses cool Freon gas into the AC system, causing it to become hot, high-pressure Freon gas (red in the diagram above).

  2. This hot gas runs through a set of coils inside the air conditioner system so it can dissipate its heat, and it condenses into a liquid.

  3. The Freon liquid runs through an expansion valve, and in the process it evaporates to become cold, low-pressure Freon gas (light blue in the diagram above).

  4. This cold gas runs inside the air conditioning sys. through a set of coils that allow the gas to absorb heat and cool down the air inside the building.

We sale and service ALL Brands and Models!

Authorized Dealer for: Rheem · Carrier · Amana · GE · York · Paine · Heil · Goodman · Tempstar · Bryant ·, and more.....

Our A/C and heating service area includes the entire Harris County, Houston, Montgomery County area and beyond, including Conroe, The Woodlands, Lake Conroe, Spring, Willis, Montgomery - practically anywhere in Texas!


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